Meet Margarita!

Hola! My name is Margarita Jimenez, and I am the Owner and Principal of Pacific Elite Dance, as well as Head Coach for Pom & Jazz. My love for dance and for my students inspired me to start a training centre where we can share our passion for All Star dance

in a encouraging, creative and high energy way!


I was trained in Ballet for over 15 years, and I worked as professional dancer with The Walt Disney Company amongst others. I was also a part of the fabulous Golden Girls Dance Team, where I had the opportunity of representing my academy at the IASF Dance Worlds in four occasions, and was also member of the Freestyle Pom Team Colombia that placed 8th in the World in 2012.


I moved to Australia in 2013 to study a Master in Leadership at Monash University, and then I joined the Monash University Cheer & Dance Club as Dance Assistant Coach.

From there, I undertook the All Star Pom team “Monash Mystics” as Head Coach in 2014, Monash University Division 1 Pom (Premier) in 2015 and Monash University Premier Jazz in 2016. In addition to this, I have been coaching the wonderful Mac. Robertson’ Girls High School Pom Team since 2014.


My coaching style is defined by the principles of Distributed Leadership, where every member of the team has a voice and a leadership role for achieving amazing results together. I like to think I encourage a positive, fun atmosphere within my students, and aim to inspire them to create loving experiences for their lives, and to reach their greater potential. It is really rewarding to be able to perform a routine you helped create yourself!

I hold a Masters in Leadership, a Bachelor in Communications and Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management with Transit Dance, as well as ICU (International Cheer Union) Black Medallion Coach Skill Certificate in Performance Cheer - Pom I & Pom II.